Quality Program for Suppliers: General Industry

standard by ASME International, 05/20/2021

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ASME QPS, 2021 Edition – Quality Program for Suppliers: General Industry

The QPS standard provides the essential requirements of a quality program for the manufacture of products and services used within the general commercial and industrial sectors to facilitate global commerce. It allows a wide range of companies to create a quality program to suit the size and complexity of its operations and processes. Companies can rely on the QPS standard to meet customer’s specifications for quality programs while increasing credibility and global presence.

As defined by ASME, “general commercial and industrial sectors” are organizations that sell products and services to companies that produce other goods. These other companies (i.e., purchasers) may be classified as manufacturers; constructors; fabricators; and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction companies. Products may be raw materials or items that may be semi-finished or finished. Services are value-added activities that affect or verify the quality of a product, such as machining, NDE, welding, surface finishing, heat treatment, etc. The application of products and services that are within a highly regulated sector or critically impact public safety may set the foundation for the Purchaser to augment and build upon the QPS standard.

Companies in conformance with the QPS standard can have their quality program recognized by ASME. ASME recognition is achieved through certification that is granted to companies that maintain an effective quality program. Certificate issuance is granted and maintenance of certification is based on a successful examination of evidence of products and services meeting the technical and quality requirements established under the QPS standard.

The ASME Conformity Assessment Department will be accepting applications for certification in the Fall of 2021.

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