Performance Monitoring Guidelines for Power Plants

standard by ASME International, 04/30/2010

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ASME PTC PM, 2010 Edition – Performance Monitoring Guidelines for Power Plants

This document includes guidelines for conducting performance monitoring of power plants using either an automated or a manual data acquisition system or both. The guidelines include performance monitoring concepts, a description of various methods available, and means for evaluating particular applications. The guidelines provide procedures for validation and interpretation of data, determination of performance characteristics and trends, determination of sources of performance problems, analysis of the performance in relation to the process, determination of losses due to degradation, possible corrective actions, and performance optimization.

These Guidelines Present:

  • “Fundamental Considerations”-of PM essentials prior to the actualapplication, so you enter fully appraised of all the requirements, potentialbenefits and likelihood of tradeoffs of the PM program.
  • “Program Implementation”-where the concepts of PM implementation,diagnostics and cycle interrelationships have been brought into closerconjunction, bringing you up-to-date with contemporary practice.
  • “Case Studies / Diagnostic Examples”-from the large amount of experienceand historical data that has been accumulated since 1993.

Intended for employees of power plants and engineers involved with all aspects ofpower production.

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