ASME PTC 31-1972 (R1991)


Ion Exchange Equipment

standard by ASME International, 01/01/1972

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ASME PTC 31, 1972 Edition – Ion Exchange Equipment

This Code defines the procedures for the accurate field testing of high-purity water treatment systems for the purpose of determining level of performance. It is based on the use of accurate instrumentation and the best analytical and measurement procedures available.

This Code is recommended for use in conducting acceptance tests of high-purity water treatment systems. If so used, any deviations from Code procedure must be agreed upon in writing. In the absence of written agreement, the Code requirements shall be mandatory. Upon completion of tests, the report issued should provide all necessary base line data against which all future operational test results can be measured to assess deterioration of performance in the interim.

Before formulating the procedure for testing a specific process or system, the Code on General Instructions PTC 1 should be studied and followed in detail.

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