ASME PTC 25-2008


Pressure Relief Devices

standard by ASME International, 01/13/2009

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ASME PTC 25, 2008 Edition – Pressure Relief Devices

This Code provides standards for conducting and reporting tests on reclosing and nonreclosingpressure relief devices normally used to terminate an abnormal internal or external rise in pressureabove a predetermined design value in boilers, pressure vessels, and related piping equipment.This Code covers the methods and procedures to determine relieving capacity and additionaloperating characteristics that may be required for certification or other purposes by other codes.This is accomplished by dividing the Code into three parts: Part I, “General”; Part II, “FlowCapacity Testing”; and Part III, “In-Service and Bench Testing.”

This Code does not necessarily cover the methods and procedures to satisfy operating andother conditions as may be required by other codes. Establishment of pressure relief device ratingsand rules of safe construction do not fall within the province of this Code.

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