ASME PTC 23-2003 (R2014)


Atmospheric Water Cooling Equipment

standard by ASME International, 11/10/2003

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ASME PTC 23, 2003 Edition – Atmospheric Water Cooling Equipment

This Code provides uniform test methods for conducting and reporting thermal performance characteristics of wet mechanical draft, natural draft, wet-dry cooling towers, closed circuit evaporative (wet) coolers, and wet surface air-cooled steam condensers (WSACC). This Code also provides directions and rules for conducting and reporting plume abatement of wet-dry cooling towers and water consumption of any cooling tower. The purpose of this Code is to provide rules for monitoring thermal performance or for conducting acceptance tests on all of the cooling equipment referenced above. It provides rules for monitoring plume abatement and conducting plume-abatement acceptance tests on wet-dry cooling towers.The test can be used to determine compliance with contractual obligations and can be incorporated into commercial agreements. A test shall be considered an ASME Code Test only if the test procedures comply with those allowed in this Code and the post-test uncertainty analysis results are in accord with subsection 1.3.

This Code provides rules for determining the performance of all referenced cooling equipment with regard to the thermal capability, deviation from design thermal capability, or deviation from design cold water temperature. This Code also provides procedures for assessing the compliance to specified plume abatement requirements characteristic of a wet-dry cooling tower. It is not intended for tests of atmospheric wind towers, dry coolers, spray canals, or ponds, although sections of this Code may be useful for that purpose. The determination of special data or verification of guarantees that are outside the scope of this Code, shall be made only with written agreement of the parties to the test. The agreed methods of measurement and computation shall be defined in writing and fully described in the test report.

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