ASME PTC 18-2011


Hydraulic Turbines and Pump-Turbines

standard by ASME International, 06/10/2011

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ASME PTC 18, 2011 Edition – Hydraulic Turbines and Pump-Turbines

PTC 18-2011 applies to all sizes and types of hydraulic turbines or pump-turbines. It defines methods for ascertaining performance by measuring flow rate (discharge), head, and power, from which efficiency may be determined. Requirements are included for pretest arrangements, types of instrumentation, methods of measurement, testing procedures, methods of calculation, and contents of test reports.

This new Standard-addressing this significant form of renewable energy-contains updated, accurate and reliable test techniques for continuous performance improvement in response to concerns over cost, delivery and impact on global climate of traditional energy sources. The test methods contained in this Standard were selected according to their applicability to contemporary test requirements and frequency of use. They are presented with increased emphasis on electronic data acquisition and, in case of the Ultrasonic Method, increasing flow-measurement accuracy with additional paths.

This Standard also has been updated with revised illustrations and new Tables. Test methods of declining applicability, such as the volumetric and pressure-time Gibson flow-measurement method, have been deleted.

Intended for hydro power-plant personnel involved with all aspects of power production, with special emphasis on testing the turbines to determine performance characteristics, namely head, power, flow rate and efficiency.

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