ASME PTC 13-2018


Wire-to-Air Performance Test Code for Blower Systems

standard by ASME International, 10/31/2019

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ASME PTC 13, 2018 Edition – Wire-to-Air Performance Test Code for Blower Systems

The purpose of this Code is to measure the electric power consumption associated with a specified performance condition of a blower package referred to as wire-to-air performance.

Blower packages shall include but not be limited to dynamic and rotary positive displacement (PD) types and the ancillary devices required for operational service. This Code determines total input electric power consumption (herein referred to as wire power) and delivery of compressed air from the blower package to the defined system boundary.

The scope of this Code is limited to wire-to-air performance testing of blowers in a controlled environment and does not include field testing. The term “blower” implies that the machine is used primarily for delivery of air at pressure ratios equal to or less than 3.0. This Code does not include procedures for determining the blower system’s mechanical and acoustical characteristics, nor is it applicable to machines employing forced interstage cooling.

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