ASME PTC 12.4-1992 (R2019)


Moisture Separator Reheaters

standard by ASME International, 05/24/1993

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ASME PTC 12.4, 1992 Edition – Moisture Separator Reheaters

This Code provides the procedures, direction, and guidance for the accurate testing of Moisture Separator Reheaters (MSRs) which includes moisture separating and steam reheating components located between the high pressure and low pressure steam turbine.

The purpose of the Code is to determine the performance of the MSR and to provide guidance in the evaluation of its performance effect on the turbine cycle heat with regard to:
(a) Moisture Separator Outlet Quality;
(b) Reheater Terminal Temperature Difference (TTD) per stage;
(c) Cycle Steam pressure drop across applicable component(s); and
(d) Excess heating steam flow.

Requirements are specified by this Code for application on MSR testing in the following areas:
(a) Pretest arrangements and agreements;
(b) Instrumentation types and accuracies;
(c) Instrumentation applications and methods of measurement;
(d) Testing and calculation techniques;
(e) Information contained in the report.

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