ASME PTB-8-2014


Procurement Guidelines for Metallic Materials

standard by ASME International, 09/12/2014

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ASME PTB-8, 2014 Edition – Procurement Guidelines for Metallic Materials

The ASME Codes and material specifications include specific requirements for use of the materials inASME Code construction. However, they do not address all requirements. It is the responsibility ofthe user to specify service related requirements to prevent in-service degradation of the materials. It isthe responsibility of the vessel manufacturer to account for materials degradation during fabricationand to include all necessary requirements in the raw material purchase specifications for ASME Codeconstruction.

The scope of this document is to discuss the requirements in the ASME Codes and in the ASMEmaterial specifications for metallic materials, to address the various issues that affect the materials, andto provide guidelines for evaluating materials manufacturers and for preparing materials specificationsthat include the requirements for procuring material for ASME Code construction.

Some of the sections in this document pertain only to ferrous materials (carbon steels, low alloy steelsand high alloy steels) because many of the past problems have been related to these materials (refer toSection 4 and Section 11 herein). However, most of the issues and considerations discussed in thisdocument also pertain to nonferrous materials, particularly Sections 12 – 14 herein.

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