ASME B47.1-2007 (R2022)


Gage Blanks, Includes Errata (2010)

standard by ASME International, 04/07/2008

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ASME B47.1, 2007 Edition – Gage Blanks

This Standard covers standard designs for the following: (a) plain and thread plug gage blanks to 12.010 in. maximum gaging diameter; (b) plain and thread ring gage blanks to 12.260 in. maximum gaging diameter; (c) involute and serrated spline plug and ring gage blanks to 8.000 in. major diameter; (d) straight-sided spline plug and ring gage blanks to major diameters of 8.000 in. for plugs and 6.000 in. for rings; (e) machine taper plug and ring gage blanks to 5.000 in. gaging diameter; (f) adjustable snap gages to 12 in.; (g) adjustable length gages to any desired length; (h) master disks up to 8.010 in. in diameter. Recommended general designs covering taper plug and ring gages for special applications, flush-pin gages, and flat plug gages are also included. This Standard is intended to deal only with the dimensions of blanks, frames, and fittings. However, it is expected that gages made from these blanks shall be finished in accordance with accepted good gage making practice with respect to accuracy and workmanship.

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