ASME B30.20-2003


Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

standard by ASME International, 11/19/2003

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ASME B30.20, 2003 Edition – Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

This standard applies to the construction, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance of jacks; power-operated cranes, monorails, and crane runways; power-operated and manually operated derricks and hoists; lifting devices, hooks, and slings; and cableways.

This standard does not apply to track and automotive jacks, railway or automobile wrecking cranes, shipboard cranes, shipboard cargo-handling equipment, well-drilling derricks, skip hoists, mine hoists, truck body hoists, car or barge pullers, conveyors, excavating equipment, or equipment falling within the scope of the following committees: A10, A17, A90, A92, A120, B20, B56, and B77.

Volume B30.20 includes provisions that apply to the marking, construction, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and operation of below-the-hook lifting devices, other than slings, used for attaching loads to hoist.

Includes interpretations from Jan. 1999 through Sept. 2002.

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