ASME B29.100-2011 (R2021)


Double-Pitch Roller Chains, Attachments, and Sprockets

standard by ASME International, 03/19/2012

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ASME B29.100, 2011 Edition – Double-Pitch Roller Chains, Attachments, and Sprockets

This Standard is a revision of the ASME Standard B29.100-2002 Precision Power Transmission, Double Pitch Power Transmission, and Double-Pitch Conveyor Roller Chains, Attachments and Sprockets, achieved by consolidation of two of its three constituent Standards: ASME B29.3 Double-Pitch Power Transmission Roller Chains and Sprockets and ASME B29.4 Double-Pitch Conveyor Roller Chains, Attachments and Sprockets. (The third constituent Standard B29.1 Precision Power Transmission Roller Chains, Attachments and Sprockets was earlier revised and published as a separate Standard B29.1-2011 with its title unchanged). No changes were made to dimensional limits or capacities formerly listed in B29.3M and B29.4M; however, some text and several Tables were merged to eliminate redundancies.

This Standard provides consolidated information on double-pitch roller chains of both the conveyor and power transmission types.

A double-pitch conveyor roller chain is a series of alternately assembled roller links and pin links in which the pins articulate inside the bushings and the rollers are free to turn on the bushings. The pins and bushings are press-fitted into their respective link plates. The pitch of link plates is twice that of the link plates of the base series chain. Pin link plates and roller link plates have identical, straight-edge contours.A double-pitch power transmission roller chain is similar to a double-pitch conveyor roller chain except that the link-plate widths are usually reduced in the center to produce a figure-eight shape. This reduces the weight of the chain to make it more suitable for power-transmission applications.

There are also Tables for (a) General dimensions, measuring loads and minimum ultimate tensile strengths; (b) Ultimate dimensional limits for interchangeability; (c) Dimensional limits for straight- and bent-link plate extensions with one or two attachment holes; (d) Dimensional limits for conveyor chains with extended pins; (e) Sprocket tooth section profile dimensions; (f) Minus tolerances on the bottom or caliper diameters of sprockets for various numbers of effective teeth; and (g) Sprocket factors for small and large roller and power-transmission series.

Supplementary information is provided in Non-mandatory Appendix A on conveyor chain selection; in Non-mandatory Appendix B on transmission chain selection; and in Non-mandatory Appendix C on sprocket cutter selection.

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