ASME B107.41-2004


Nail Hammers: Safety Requirements

standard by ASME International, 11/01/2004

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ASME B107.41, 2004 Edition – Nail Hammers: Safety Requirements

This Standard provides performance and safety requirements for nail hammers that are intended specifically for use in driving or pulling unhardened nails and ripping apart or tearing down wooden components. It is intended to serve as a guide in selecting, testing, and using the hand tools covered herein. It is not the purpose of this Standard to specify the details of manufacturing. This Standard is also meant to serve as a guide in developing manuals and posters and for training personnel to work safely. This Standard may be used as a guide by state authorities or other regulatory bodies in the formulation of laws or regulations. It is also intended for voluntary use by establishments that use or manufacture the tools covered. The methods employed to ensure compliance with this Standard shall be determined by the proper regulatory or administrative authority.

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