ASME A17.3-2011


Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators

standard by ASME International, 08/26/2011

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ASME A17.3, 2011 Edition – Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators

A17.3 is intended to serve as the basis for state and local jurisdictional authorities in adopting retroactive requirements for existing elevators and escalators to enhance the safety of the general public. It is also intended as a standard reference of safety requirements for the guidance of architects, engineers, insurance companies, manufacturers, and contractors, and as a standard of safety practices for building owners and managers of structures where existing elevator equipment covered in the scope of the Code is used. The purpose of this Code is to establish minimum requirements that will provide a reasonable degree of safety for the general public. While many of these requirements will also increase the degree of safety for the elevator mechanic and inspector, this area has not been specifically addressed at this time.

A17.3 guides all parties engaged in the safe installation, inspection, testing, operation, and/or insurance of existing elevators and escalators; thus sparing the major capital expense of all-new equipment. As an alternative standard to A17.1, it also allows for more flexibility in problem-solving.

Intended for anyone engaged in the safety of elevators, escalators and related conveyances.

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