ASME A17.2-2007


Guide for Inspection of Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walks

standard by ASME International, 10/05/2007

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ASME A17.2, 2007 Edition – Guide for Inspection of Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walks

This Guide addresses how-to inspection guidelines,techniques, and cautionary notes in a logical sequence.Subsections are arranged to focus on routine inspectionrequirements, followed by periodic test (annual and fiveyear) and acceptance criteria. Appropriate references tothe latest edition of the Code, in effect at the time ofthis Guide’s publication, are listed at the end of eachsubsection. The referenced numbers may not be the samein earlier editions. This Guide is organized as follows:Parts 1 through 6 apply to electric and hydraulic elevators,Parts 7 and 8 apply to escalators, and Parts 9 and10 apply to moving walks. The Parts are arranged toshow the location of the inspection:

Part 1 Elevator – Inside of Car
Part 2 Elevator – Machine Room
Part 3 Elevator – Top of Car
Part 4 Elevator – Outside Hoistway
Part 5 Elevator – Pit
Part 6 Elevator – Firefighters’ Service
Part 7 Escalator – External
Part 8 Escalator – Internal
Part 9 Moving Walk – External
Part 10 Moving Walk – Internal

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