ASME A112.19.3-2000 (R2004)


Stainless Steel Fixtures (Designed for Residential Use)

standard by ASME International, 04/30/2001

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ASME A112.19.3, 2000 Edition – Stainless Steel Fixtures (Designed for Residential Use)

The purposes of this American National Standard are to establish a nationally recognized standard specification for stainless steel plumbing fixtures designed for residential use, to provide means for identifying fixtures that equal or exceed the specified requirements, and to designate the most commonly used types of fixtures in current production and demand. This Standard is also intended to promote understanding among manufacturers, distributors, and users regarding acceptable quality and to provide a basis for fair competition. This Standard covers the types, thickness, and finish of stainless steel metal to be used for the fixtures; certain features of construction; and the types and sizes of fixtures currently in general use and demand. Also given are definitions, inspection methods, and means for identification of fixtures complying with this Standard.

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