ASME A112.19.2-2018/CSA B45.1-18


Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures, Includes Errata (2018)

standard by ASME International, 07/01/2018

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ASME A112.19.2, 2018 Edition – Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures, Includes Errata (2018)

This Standard covers vitreous and non-vitreous china plumbing fixtures and specifies requirements for materials, construction, performance, testing, and markings. This Standard’s performance requirements and test procedures apply to all types of water closets and urinals that discharge into gravity drainage systems in permanent buildings and structures, independent of occupancy.

This Standard covers the following plumbing fixtures:

A) bathtubs;
B) bidets;
C) drinking fountains;
D) fixtures for institutional applications;
E) lavatories;
F) shower bases;
G) sinks:
H) urinals; and
I) water closets.
i) bar sinks;
ii) clinic sinks;
iii) kitchen sinks;
iv) laboratory sinks;
v) laundry sinks;
vi) service sinks; and
vii) utility sinks;

This Standard is “harmonized” – developed in response to industry requests for uniform standards that would be acceptable in both the United States and Canada. Notably, A112.19.2 has served as a “seed document” for similar standards in Mexico, Brazil, China, the Philippines and elsewhere.

A112.19.1 / A112.19.2 /A112.19.3 are to be used in conjunction with components described in other volumes of the ASME A112 series. Careful application of these A112 standards will help users to comply with pertinent regulations, while achieving the operational and safety benefits to be gained from the many industry best-practices detailed within these volumes.Intended for manufacturers of plumbing materials and equipment to enhance water conservation and comply with jurisdictional regulation, plus governmental and other regulatory bodies.

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