ASME A112.19.15-2012 (R2022)


Bathtubs/Whirlpool Bathtubs with Pressure Sealed Doors

standard by ASME International, 04/11/2012

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ASME A112.19.15, 2012 Edition – Bathtubs/Whirlpool Bathtubs with Pressure Sealed Doors

This Standard establishes material, mechanical, electrical,marking, and testing requirements for bathtubs/whirlpool bathtubs with doors that are made water tightby the use of a pressure seal. It addresses the functionalperformance and physical characteristics for a pressuresealed door of a bathtub/whirlpool bathtub. The dooris intended to allow for entry into the fixture when thetub is empty and to maintain water tightness when thetub is full. The use of alternate materials or methods ispermitted, provided the proposed material and methodcomply with the performance requirements and intentof this Standard.

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